Saturday, March 28, 2009

After boot camp

Hey everyone, I'm finally out of boot camp. 9 weeks of oh so much fun. HA. It looks like my google account got hacked so everything got deleted, so I made a new blog as well as made a new email address.
I don't know who has heard but I'm now a Missle Tech, and I will be stationed on submarines, which my kind of submarines will never hit port. But it'll be a very interesting expeirence and I'm excited to start my new career. It's crazy because I came in as a spec ops guy, and now i'm going onto a submarine. Yes, everyone can make submariner jokes, like the most popular one 100 sailors go down and 50 couples come up. One of my RDC's (Recruit Division Commanders) is a submariner so I heard a lot of them already. Chris and Tony I'm waiting to hear some good ones out of you, lol.
Boot Camp was an interesting experience, it was lots and lots of B.S. but it's all to start changing us from stupid civ's to United States Navy Sailors. I was in the Division 817 which is made up of all Spec-Ops, after 3 1/2 weeks I had to get transferred to Division 125 because I DOR'ed (Drop On Request) due to tendonitis in my knee and my shoulder, and the doctor gave me a choice of a 30 LLD (light limited Duty) or a medical disqualify. Neither of which I wanted to do. So I decided to drop, and in two years if I feel I can do it I could volunteer for Spec-Ops again. But as of right now I have plenty of different ideas to do when I'm done with submarines. Unless I just enjoy being on a big pp hundreds of feet under the sea. HA.
I met this one guy from my new division Edwards. He was part of the Florida State S.W.A.T. team. He's going in as an MA (Master at Arms) which is the Navy's security force. They also have a K-9 Unit, a drug enforcment team, as well as a terrorist unit. Which is right up his alley cause he's a little crazy in the head. I enjoyed making fun of his accent though lol, he's from south Alabama. Reallll southerner kid.
Well right now I'm in Groton, CT which is the finest and biggest submarine base in the world. I just got here yesterday. I don't know much about the area quite yet. I start basic submarine school probably next week because I gotta do all the stupid paperwork. I'll be in school for about 9-10 months total. Not bad, I get a nice promotion when I finish everything.
I'm in this little sports bar kind of thing on base which has computer access, some pool tables, and it's attached to this pizza place and a bowling alley, it's pretty cool. It's probably crazy during big games and especially football season because they have this big screen TV with couches surrounding it.
Well that's all I have for now, I'll probably be updating here every once in awhile since i won't be that busy yet.

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  1. awhh good to hear from you Jeff :)
    miss you and be safe! <3