Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm smart :P

Heyy everyone,
I'm doing awesome right now, I had my first quiz last week and got an 88 on it. Then I had my first test today and got a 90. I'm so relieved. I stayed up all night last night helping my friend type up all my notes on my laptop because someone jacked his notebook so we were writing everything up for him the last two days so he is able to study. Then, we decided just to stay up the rest of the night to study together and we both did really well. This is A LOT easier then I thought it would be. I know once I start my actual schools for my job that it'll be harder but still this is super easy :). Don't worry I'm not going to slack off just because I did well on this two examinations.
I'm going to be talking to the Career Counselor and talk to them about different ways to get into CTT (Cryptology Technician), NCIS, and Navy Special Tactical Swat team. I was interested in CTT because they are stationed everywhere, on an Airplane, in a Sub, on a Destroyer, aircraft carrier. They can be put anywhere. And the two others I just would love to do something like that. Also, I found out that they do have a Soccer team and you play a couple long tournaments, but I won't worry about that until I'm out in the fleet since I wouldn't be able to go anywhere due to still being in school. I also might check out their volleyball team as well.
I was talking to my friend Edwards from boot camp today and he's just got his orders, and he's being stationed at Bangor, Washington. Which is one of the two bases that I could be stationed at, it's that one or King's bay, Georgia. I was thinking of being stationed at Bangor already because their base is much better, and there's not as much to do around king's bay. I'm pretty excited.
Love you all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hangin in there..

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated in awhile.. Tony reminded me i should haha. I've been busy and sometimes it's hard to get on a computer since a lot of times they are all taken. But I got out of class early, had a long finance class, it was pretty interesting. I'm on the computer right now watching 24. and the main tv websites are awesome lol. I can't wait to have my laptop and be able to watch move shows that I can't get on my phone. The only problem is that they don't go back that far so I can't watch the shows that I missed all through boot camp and stuff. Oh well, it's better then nothing. I'm doing well, I had duty last night, had about 2 hours of sleep last night, but suprisingly i'm very awake lol. Finally finished all my qualifications I had to do for all these watches. It was easy, but so annoyingg. But once again it's all a part of my job. I'll be able to wear civilian clothes again this weekend when I start my phase 2 liberty, and I can stay out until midnight. Also, one of my buddies Class leaders has a really nice Eclipse and he told him that some weekend if we want to borrow it to go out to providence or something we could. That's awesome, it's a nice tricked out Eclipse that he'll just let us borrow. Don't worry we aren't going to do anything stupid I won't let that happen!! :D.
Well for the people that don't know, I was playing basketball and went up for a rebound and landed on my foot wrong and then had two people land on it one after the other. Went to the emergency room, got x-rays taken, said it wasn't broken, just a bad sprain or could be something torn. Then I went to the sub-base health clinic and the doctor there was looking at my foot and he said there's no way the emergency room got this right, it has to be broken. So they ordered another set of xrays. The doctor came in and told me it's really not broken, i don't know how you did it but it's not broken. So, I've been in a stupid boot and on crutches for the last week and two days. Starting to be able to walk in tennis shoes finally. All the collisions in soccer as a goalie never have any real injuries, and then playing a little basketball I screw up my foot pretty bad. The left top of my foot is seriously swollen still, but the black and blue has finally gone away.
Well I don't know what else to say. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm hanging in there, i should be off my crutches soon and back to working out like crazy again. Thanks for the support everyone.... Mom hope you feel better! Hope you had a good birthday. Tony hope you have a good birthday as well. Both of you will be getting something in the mail soon, I get paid tomorrow :).