Friday, June 12, 2009

Another graduation

Helloo everyonee,

I just graduated from Basic Mechanical School, and I start my next school monday morning first thing which is Advanced technical training. It's completely self-paced, on the computer. If you take it on schedule everyday it takes about 3 weeks to finish everything. But I'm definately going to try to finish quicker so I can graduate and get the heck out of here and on to my final school down in King's Bay, Georgia. I'm doing pretty well up here, we have 8 people that is quarentined because they have swine flu, so the base is being extremely cautious about everything. I hope everything is going well for everyone, haven't heard anything from anyone, way to communicate guys! :P
I bought Tony's old Kia last weekend, it's a big help having a car on base, make a bunch of money taking friends to the mall and stuff since the taxi ride out there is expensive. And been havin a lot of fun going up to Providence, and to NY. Hopefully goin to try to get out to Boston before I head to Georgia, maybe even for a Red Sox game. Bunch of people havent' ever been to Boston so they want to go, bunch of them are coming down to Georgia with me so they want to go before they leave as well. Got a lot of friends on base that know ALOT about cars which is good with all the driving I've been doing lately.
So far at least one of my instructors from every school i've been in has tried to imitate my voice, it's pretty funny. They get a kick out of it. And I am the kick ball champion hahaha. For PT in the morning we've been playing kick ball, and I've been kicking ass. I'm very proud about that haha.
Send me some emails people or something, I wanna hear what's going on in the family, we have a big family I'd like to know what's going on. I'm gonna start updating a lot more on here, especially has i get down to Georgia.

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's been awhile

Hey everyonee,

It's been awhile since I last updated this, I've been really busy with school stuff during the weekdays, then going home on the weekends. Had a crazyyyy memorial day weekend. Still recovering from it. Well the school that i'm in now called BMS (Basic mechanical Skills) is super easy, it's only about 3 weeks long. Then I got to ATT, which i forget what it stands for.
Right now I'm in my room doing nothing because I went to medical today and I'm SIQ (Sick In Quarters) because I have a virul infection in my sinuses. Major sinus headaches and coughing up a lung. But now i have drugs and I get to sleep allll day :). So it's all good.
I just bought Tony's old car, which was a great deal, real helpful around base, saves a lot of money since taxi's to go anywhere here is wayyy expensive. Other then that nothing is really new, same stuff, different day. I'm gonna go back to sleep, I'll update in more detail some other time.

love everyone.