Thursday, July 30, 2009

In georgia finally

Hey everyone,

I'm finally in King's Bay, Georgia. The drive was not a very fun one, wayyy too long for my liking. Going through the Carolina's was sooo boringg. I'd say it's about 500 miles of striaght road, and not having cruise control that works is prettyy annoying haha. But I'm glad I finally got here.

It's a great placee. A lot more relaxed then up in conneticut. They don't put up with anything, but as long as nobody's is screwing up they are real laid back. This base is absolutely HUGEEE!!! It's massivee! It's also a animal preserve, so anything bigger then a squirrel is illegal to touch or kill, and when you accidentally hit one with your car you better tell them or they do some investigation and find you someway it's crazy. I come on base for the first time and I'm checking into my barracks room, and the first thing I see is a lit up full sized soccer field right outside the barracks. I think my heart stopped.

The room's are nice, right now it's just me to a room, sharing a bathroom with two other guys in the room across the way. It's kind of a little suite, you open the door and right in front of you is the head, and to the right and left is the two different rooms. I got a full size refrigerator and a nice microwave with a toaster attached to it. The rooms are soooo nicely air conditioned i love it. Which it has to be because it's usually about 90 outside with extremely high humidity, which is fine if I could be wearing shorts or something, not a full uniform, wayy too hot. But we don't go outside much during the day so it's ok.

I'm on hold down here until middle of september. Pretty much all we do everyday is sit around and do nothingg, occasionally we'll go to the computer room when it's free and be able to go do some courses online through the navy website, but right now we gotta do a bunch of bs courses that are required by the military as well as my instructors. But it's easyyy, the people that are on hold are real cool, the instructors are real laid back and we'll mess around with us all the time, especially when they're boss isn't in at the time haha.

I got internet yesterday, it's sprint DSL, KILL me noww haha. It's wayyy too slowww, but it's hard to find time where comcast can come on base during hours that your able to be in your room, and sprint was bout 30 seconds from my barracks room so I decided to get them for now and soon i'll either work on getting comcast or one of my buddies that's right next door is going to try to get comcast and I'll give him some money and use it. I also bought a 32" tv, i'm excited to play games on that :), find a great price thanks to Dad at It should have been here today, but because it's a military base and stuff it should be here tomorrow. When i went down to check if the tv came in yet, I see most of the boxes that were delivered opened at some point to be searched it's pretty intense. Which duhhh, it's understandable being on a Nuclear Missle base. Also, today I just joined a softball team, kind of weird I know but Navy isn't allowed baseball, and I really want to play some sport and bunch of my buddies were looking for more players so I joined up. It's a summer league that the command has, there's teams from sailors that are stationed on boats, our superiors, students, it's awesome, it'll be a lot of fun, especially being the outfield i'll be super busy running around doing some diving catches and getting out some of my superiors haha.

For the people that want to know, My current address is

MTSA Adiletta, Jeffrey, K.
1040 USS Georgia Ave.
King's Bay, GA 31547

Please don't send me anything stupid hahaha, that definately wouldn't be good. Oh, I also got my Top Secret Security Clearance :), i'm excited about that.

This base has a little place you can rent motor boats, rv's, trailors, canoes, it's awesome. They have a full auto body shop that you can take your car and put it up for $3 a day and do whatever you want, they have every tool you can think of. They have a sweet pool, and an even sweeterrr water slide haha. The Navy Exchange (Which is a grocery-retail store) has EVERYTHINGGG you can think of, up in Conneticut it wasn't that big, it had a lot of stuff, but still wasn't that big. This one is hugeeee.

I really like the area too, Jacksonville is only 30 min away, a pretty nice beach is only about 10 min away. Savannah is about 2 hours. My buddies and I are going to be switching off driving to different cities visiting them. For example, Orlando, Panama City, Daytona, Savannah, Pensacola, Tampa bay, and anywhere else we find.

Well, I'm tired, I'm heading to bed. I'll update my adventures as I go on them.


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