Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hey everyone,

So as i told you before i've joined a base softball team with a bunch of guys that are on hold with me.. We practiced for mandatory PT on monday, and we had a bunch of other guys come out so we played a little game.. The picture that's on here shows why baseball players WEAR LONG PANTS!!! Or else they'd get this sliding to like second. And it was only practice that I did this, that's how dedicated I am to soft pitch softball!!! hahaha.. Then we had a scrimmage on tuesday against a team that's supposed to be really good, they got a lot of people that are already stationed on boats and part of the different schools. In softball it's played until the end of the 7th which we won 9-8 but we kept on playing losing 11-9, but technically we won, which with the practices I saw, I figured we'd lose HORRIBLY! It was a lot of fun, i kept telling myself not to slide or anything haha.
Everything else is going great, bunch of us went to jacksonville last weekend, which was a lot of fun. There was a live band right on the waterfront that was in an area surrounded by all different kinds of stores and restaurants, we stayed there until about 2 a.m. Right before we were all leaving there was a fight that broke out between this older black "bum" and this veryyyy drunk air force guy. It was pretty interesting haha. The black "bum" snuck up and got the guy right in the nose knocking him back, then he just took off. The air force guy was throwing trash cans, screaming, kicking trash cans. Three cops finallyy show up, and they tell us to handle it because they are leaving. And they just started walking off. I was about to start cursing them out or something, gotta love the pride and joy of Jacksonville. But, then I thought about it and in their point of view, a bunch of Navy guys are trying to save this guy's career since if the cops got involved they would have brought him striaght to jail and that would have ended his career, so we luckily calmed him down and got him into a taxi to get back to base. It was a crazy night. Then as I'm riding back to base in this super small Mazda Rx-8, we are on 95 and the guy sitting in the back tells the driver that if he tells us to pull over, we need to do it right awayyy. I hear that and i put my stuff down, get ready to unbuckle my seatbelt and jump out.. 30 seconds later "I NEED TO GET OUT" I literally open my door and jump out right before we stop almost tucking and rolling into the grass haha. Just a wonderful night.
Bunch of us are going down to Cocoa beach this weekend to check it out, got a hotel room RIGHT on the beach, it's awesome. It's right below JFK Air Force base where the space shuttles launch, its' about a 3 hour drive. It's going to be a lot fun :) I'm excited. Well I'm going to bed, i'm exhausted, give me some updates before I start hunting you guys down. love youuu

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